The Real Talent Performance Profile is a valuable hiring tool for everyone; the position and industry do not matter. Job applicants take less than 30 minutes to rank different items/ statements in two lists. Once you submit the applicants' answers, you get a detailed report of the results instantly. The report highlights areas of strengths and weaknesses and the potential risk in hiring an applicant. In addition, the report gives you suggestions on questions to ask during interviews to further evaluate weaknesses and risk and suggestions on how to best manage the applicant should they join your company.

The Performance Profile will help you find the type of person you need for the position you need them in. Sometimes it will just confirm you have made a good choice. A good employee is hard to find and I appreciate having a new tool in my bag to find the right person on the first try.
Matt Neuhaus, DPM, Owner, NeuhausFoot&Ankle, Smyrna, TN,
Combine the business insight of the top management consultants, the performance boosting ability of a superstar coach, and the personal insight of someone who knows you really well (like your mother!) and you have a Real Talent Performance Profile.
Ben Thole, Certified "No B.S." Business Advisor Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle,
Oh, you said describe - For me it was not an ordinary approach. It is different from the typical standardized testing and profiling for current and potential employees. It appears, with Jay Henderson's help, to be more in depth and more accurate regarding who you are really talking to or dealing with.
Gary Ashmore, Ashmore Law Firm, Dallas, TX ,
Real Talent is an assessment you give to candidates for any job. The assessment takes less than 30 minutes for the candidate to complete and you receive incredible feedback. You get a detailed report outlining your level of risk with hiring that candidate for that specific role. The report gives you specific tips on what type of questions to ask that candidate in subsequent interviews to help make your final decision. In addition, the report gives you advice on how to go about managing that candidate's shortcomings if they get the job. All in all, Real Talent is an invaluable tool in deciding which candidates to hire and how to manage the ones that join your company.
Timothy Seward, ROI Revolution, Raleigh, NC,
Imagine being able to interview a job candidate and know exactly how they will answer your questions before hand? Not only will it validate what the profile is telling you about your candidate, it will give you the right questions to ask in the interview to illicit how the candidate thinks and makes decisions. In addition, you get a risk analysis of the individual. You get the good and the bad in a format that's easy to interpret so you can make a truly informed hiring decision.
Phillip Ray, DataLynx-US, Atlanta,GA,
It helps you find out things you will not find out in an interview -about the parts of them that you can't train or change, how they see the world and work with others. You can't even find that out in three interviews. There's no way to know that stuff without the Performance Profile.
Brett Dils, Jan Dils Attorneys At Law, Parkersburg, WV,
Real Talent looks into the soul of your employee and tell you the owner how they will make decisions now and in the future. Will they follow systems, will they do what is right for the customers or will they do what is right for them. It exposes the hidden personality traits that drive people's decision making. If you have employees, you need Real Talent. It will expose their hidden motivations which drive at work decision making and ultimately the profitability of your business. I highly recommend Real Talent. I will never hire any key staff without using Real Talent again.
Karl Murphy Owner, Carolina Auto Spa, Raleigh, NC
Going over the results over the phone with Jay is the final, and in my opinion, most essential step in the process. As you work with Jay over time, he gets to know your company culture, your managers and the positions you hire for; therefore, he is able to offer specific insights into how an applicant may or may not perform in your company.
Barbara Green, ROI Revolution, Raleigh, NC,
Real Talent is the must have tool that most people are trying to get by without. Jay Henderson can do so much for you if you just allow him a few minutes of your time. Real Talent can easily improve your hiring process with a few simple steps.
Joy Fow, Business Manager, Sullivan Law Office, Louisville, KY,
This is a test that really evaluates how a person thinks, how they approach life, what they value and prioritize in life. Once you know this information you can predict how they will respond in almost every situation. Everyone can exaggerate or lie on a resume and also answer the questions in an interview in a manner that they suspect the employer wants. But no one can second guess this test. It is too individual and too obscure to them. There are no right or wrong answers. So this test truly reveals a lot about a potential hire.
Jane Graebner, Foot and Ankle Wellness Center, Delaware, OH,
Many people are blind to what they might be getting them-selves into, the Performance Profile process allows you the ability to see into how a person thinks and what there "risk" levels might be in certain situations. It also gives you an idea of where that person is motivated and how to approach a situa-tion with that person.
Lori Cerami, Foot & Ankle Associates of North Texas,
Real Talent provides a short and sweet web-based test for prospective employees that reveals the insights into a person's strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to the job descriptions that you are hiring for.
Kevin McDonald, Family Foot Care, Concord, NC,