Are you here because you are tired of hiring the wrong people for the job? Or because you want to find a more accurate way to evaluate potential employees? At Real Talent Hiring, we get you the right answers by asking the right questions.

Employees are at the heart of every great business - and it is key to find employees who are qualified for their positions, who flourish in your company's culture, and who have potential to develop into future leaders. But how can you confidently pick these special individuals out of a stack of resumes?
At Real Talent Hiring, we don't just believe in hiring successful people, we believe in hiring people who will succeed in the position they are hired for. We don't just believe in knowing a job candidate's education and experience, we believe in knowing how a candidate thinks and makes decisions.
Has your business and human resources department struggled with any of these hiring issues?

  • An employee aces the interview process and has a great resume, but when he begins work, he underperforms.
  • Your turnover rate hasn't improved even after utilizing several personality profiles and behavioral assessments.
  • You are spending too much time and money on new hires for the same old results.
  • Problem workers keep slipping into positions at your company despite your efforts to block them.
  • You are hiring good employees, but you have difficulty securing workers who share your values and your company culture.
  • You are hiring good employees, but you aren't finding workers who will stay with your company long-term or who are appropriate for higher-level jobs down the road.

These serious issues aren't going to go away until you decide to take action change your hiring process. Using the same types of solutions are going to leave you with the same problems. You won't see results until you begin using proven methods to get better hires.
Here's how our system works:

At Real Talent Hiring, we build your business an excellence model of your workforce based on empirical data gathered from your top performers and your bottom performers. From that benchmark study, we can then give you a wealth of information, from what types of thinkers and decision-makers will perform well at your company to which employees would benefit most from leadership training and development. All of this information is unique to your company and your company's culture.
This is far from a personality profile or behavior assessment: it is a totally objective human performance metric that is tailored to fit your business' unique needs. And it works. We block seven to nine out of ten poor hires and have saved companies millions of dollars by cutting hiring costs, lowering employee turnover, and pinpointing the best employees. Why do we have such a high rate of success? Because there is no guesswork.

How can you get started? Request a free preliminary benchmark study.

We are simply the only company offering objective performance metrics - and it can be hard to understand how exciting that is from just a few paragraphs. We invite you to participate in a free, no obligation benchmark study in which we analyze your standout performers and show you just how powerful our workforce analysis tools are. This is absolutely the best way to understand what we do and why it works.
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