The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Hiring Super-Stars

A New Formula Guaranteed to Find the Right People for Your Business Paperback

What if you could predict how a potential employee will perform in your business? Not how they say they will perform, not how they have performed in the past, but how they will actually perform tomorrow, 3 months from now, and even 3 years from now. We have all hired that person who appeared perfect on their resume, who sounded great during an interview, yet we struggled to get great performance once they were hired. In this book, Jay Henderson shows why the old model of hiring just won't work for small business and lays out a plan for how you can best predict a potential employee's performance in your business.

Hiring Super-Stars Book Cover

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How to Coach for Performance

This Training System ($1,997) helps you continue to get the best out of your Super-Stars, so weak management skills won’t block Super-Star Performance.

This system includes:

  • How to Coach Others to SuperStar Performance
  • How to Keep Your Staff Focused on the Job
  • How to Give Constructive Comments to Your Super-Stars the Right Way
  • How to Easily Handle Your Most Difficult Employees
  • How to Empower Your Staff to Solve Any Problem for You
  • How to Conduct Motivating Team and 1-on-1 Employee Meetings
  • How to Hold Your Team Accountable to Their Performance Deadlines

It also includes access to the Online Reference Manual, which provides a greater, more in-depth analysis of each strength or development issue mentioned in the reports. The Interview Guides are in an easy-to-read 5-page format.

So, the online reference manual takes each development issue—normally just one sentence—in the report, and gives you an entire one-page analysis of just that issue for greater clarity and understanding of the impact, along with even more notes and interview questions to ask your candidate, should you wish to use it.

Performance System


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7 Steps to Hiring ONLY Superstars in Any Business

This Hiring System ($2,497) teaches you how to eliminate bad hires, reduce turnover, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary hiring costs!

The Convenient and Comprehensive Online Training System + A Binder mailed to your door step contains:

  • How to Create the Perfect Job Profile of a Superstar 
  • How to Create a Superstar Magnet for Attracting the Best
  • How to Quickly and Easily Weed Out the Marginal Candidates
  • How to Interview for Superstars
  • The Tests
  • The SECRET SAUCE Performance Profile training (Plus, you get 5 Performance Profile credits (usually $100 to $200 per credit)
  • How to Start Them Off Right
  • System comes with fast start training, templates and great customer service.

Hiring Superstars

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