I’ve become known as a sort of ‘mind reader’ who can accurately predict exactly who will and who won’t work out as an employee.

This is due to an objective, mathematical science that measures people and performance with uncanny accuracy. It can't be "gamed" or "fooled" either...

You might know I've been using this objective system to help Law Firm owners with hiring, management & performance development and coaching every day for over 12 years. (And mastering this since 1996.)

At last count over 36,000 hiring assessments and thousands of live consultations just with law firm owners have been done in just the last few years.

The point is...

10,318 of those were SALES assessments!

Over 10,000 times I’ve measured, advised and coached firm owners as to who CAN sell, who WILL sell and who will sell for THEM! 

And having studied the past 50 years of 'sales training' I also know exactly where, when and how your attorneys and intake specialists get in their own way when “selling” and how they unwittingly BLOCK their own selling success, keeping them from closing more business for you.

And these lost sales are happening right now in your practice. Yes, the 'ball' is being dropped on all those expensive leads you buy! 

As a result of this science and my own research, sales background and consulting all these years...

I know exactly what anyone needing to influence others needs to do differently to immediately increase their sales…

It's a big promise I understand, and, it works. 

This is custom, personalized sales strategy for each attorney and intake specialist!

To learn more click the link below and book a few minutes on my calendar. We will have brief conversation to discover to see if this is a fit for you. Of course, you may also call or email. 



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