Risk Free Benchmark Trial: Eliminate Bad Hires With Proven Performance Metrics

You do not need the typical subjective personality and behavior based profile methods to try and determine good hires for your business. You need to measure an entirely different aspect in a totally different way.
For twenty years we have measured the thinking and decision making process of people inside many of the biggest companies in the world. The lessons we've learned from this research has allowed us to take our already powerful technology to an even higher level. 
We have learned that even though someone has the talent, attitude, drive and energy to perform successfully for one company, does not mean they can perform successfully for your company.
The good news is we have discovered how to precisely measure the combination of talent that it will take to perform in your company - what we call Real Talent.
This breakthrough means you can hire with a greater sense of confidence and trust than ever before. You will save a great deal of time and money by lowering your turnover costs and your cost per hire, just as HCCA, a division of Hospital Corporation of America, is doing now.

  "After receiving and utilizing the new report that we have now adopted worldwide in our recruitment and selection process, we want to thank you for your expertise and patience as you developed a customized tool that meets our needs so well...
We especially appreciated your positive approach, flexibility and determination which did not waver throughout the process... We have every confidence that we will be making wiser hiring decisions throughout our network."

~ Joy Roark, Director of Client Services, HCCA, a Division of Hospital Corporation of America

What exactly is a Benchmarking for Performance Process?
Our Benchmarking for Performance Process is a highly specific, mathematical, objective measurement of your company's high-end & low-end performers.
This process represents an accurate global measurement of a persons:



  Talent matched to your business


  Ability to access that Talent


  Attitudes impacting success and job fit


  Skills & Competencies that work for you

With the measurement complete, we will analyze the data to compare your top and bottom performers. The result is the only objective indicator of the likelihood for success and failure within your unique company and culture that exists in the marketplace today.
This unique system is blocking seven to nine out of every 10 potentially bad hires for each of our clients right now. When you consider the cost of each poor hire and the fact that you're likely only blocking 3 to 5 at best now, the cost savings is quite extraordinary. 
Our clients report they are turning away people they would have before - people with supposed talent - and are now hiring people they never would have hired before - but who have real talent.
Then you will be able to hire with great confidence. This process will lower your turnover costs. It will lower your cost per hire. You will have a much greater advantage in developing a world class team of high producers.
 The ability to measure Talent, Access, Attitude and Skills & Competencies in people is unique and exclusive and we welcome the chance to prove it.
Get Your Risk Free Preliminary Benchmark  

We invite you to partner with us, in preliminary Benchmark study of your top performers to determine whether we can identify the unique thinking patterns that drive success and failure in your business. You may participate in this Empirical Benchmark Analysis of your top and bottom performers and if we do not specifically identify key distinctions between failure and success in your performers - you don't pay.
We are confident that once you experience the uniqueness and accuracy of our performance metrics you will know its great value to your company.


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