I sometimes get questions about who designed my website or who handles my digital marketing and SEO. Tom Foster and his team at Foster Web Marketing (FWM) built this website for me, as well as my personal brand website, JayHenderson.org.

You may already know that my talent lies in “people performance,” not in website design or digital marketing. When I recognized that my expanding business and client list called for me to develop a website and digital strategy, I turned to FWM. I had met Tom, and I really liked the websites FWM were building for others! Tom has become a good friend, and he’s been a business coaching client and hiring consultations for years. This gave me some insight into the team and company he built—plus I liked Tom.

It was a great choice for my business, and I am very happy with the results and the data-driven methods they use to help me succeed online. Their guidance has helped make both websites the powerful tools they are for me today.

It Was Easy Too...

When I started building my websites with them, Tom and his team talked with me about what I was looking for. They walked me through my options for the look I wanted in a website design, how to communicate better online, software tools for marketing, and many things I hadn’t thought of. They gave me great advice and made sure I was part of the process.  

I really liked the “perfect client” exercise that helped me get clear and identify very specifically who I want to reach online. The exercise also helped them understand what I wanted from my website and how to make that happen.

They know that to really help their clients, it’s best to have clients who are not interested in settling for “good enough.” They encouraged me to hone in on exactly who they would like to work with. It’s a great way to help their clients reach their goals.  

It’s a big process, but everyone there was great, from beginning to end. They knew just what to ask me to try to figure out what I wanted from the website and how I wanted to be represented online. Zach, Gretchen, Aly, and everyone else I worked with on the team were really helpful and nice, even when I changed my mind or dragged out the process. I’m truly grateful for their guidance, and I love my websites.

Customized Help

Along with my websites, they helped me to develop an ongoing plan for my online marketing. They looked at my strengths and challenges as a business owner, and we talked about the results I was getting versus the results I really want. Then, they helped me develop personalized long- and short-term marketing strategies to get those results.

A Marketing Partnership Built on Reporting, Results, and Proven Methods

I like FWM because they don’t promise me a bunch of “quick wins.” They’re honest about what needs to happen before success is possible, and they help me track and measure every step. When things don’t work out as expected, they are as committed as I am to creating change.

I haven’t had to be surprised at the results I’ve gotten from them because I knew exactly what went into those results, what was happening, and why.

The methods they employ are sustainable, data-driven, and proven over and over again. Although I trust FWM with my web marketing, I never have to question what they do is working. They give me what I need (the information, reports, and research), to get results.    

If you’re thinking of improving your own online marketing performance, try them out for yourself.

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