“Initially, I was never a proponent of this type of testing, particularly IQ testing. The CEO decided to have a test administered to all potential applicants. Yours was the test chosen. I decided to take a proactive approach to the test, particularly when I read the format. I became very curious how 18 metrics could define specific characteristics.

It helped me to approach the second phase of the interview in a different way.

My questions related to the Hiring Valuation results and gave me a structure in approach, and I began to have a more comprehensive interview with stronger, more accurate results.

With the consulting I received from you, I could see the results immediately. It is incredible how accurate the test results are. To quench my curiosity, I had you administer both the Applicant and Management Interview Guide to me. I just wanted you to know, I thought the results were astounding.

The accuracy and depth of scope of the results for me indicated the absolute validity and integrity of the Hiring Decision Guide. We all think no one know us better than ourselves. Well, the Hiring Decision Guide does as well!

The results are always accurate and valid. There are times when the applicant shines in the interview but very inherent risks are identified in the Decision Guide. It provides a necessary awareness for the second interview to dig further into risk indicators.

A strong team is invaluable and often, very hard to come by. The Hiring Decision Guides provide an efficient tool to get it right the first time. The savings is in the rehiring process, because we simply no longer have to.

I would recommend this to everyone. It is an effective and functional tool in the hiring process. Absolutely. I have a strong team as a result of the Hiring Decision Guide’s guidance. Thank you!”

Nancy L. Zablud- Controller, Boylan Companies