"In selling I develop trust easily but that didn’t translate to problem resolution for clients and/or asking for the sale. I used to talk too much, talk price too soon, and as you say, I “Skipped the Interview.” But not now.

I saw in black and white exactly what I was doing and that really helped me use the information real time with my clients. I use this info every day! I’m now at 140% of my annual goal going into the 4th quarter and what I learned from you has been a big help in getting me there.

Bottom line, your Sales MRI gave me critical, practical data points that totally change the way you sell and close business! Thank you!

P.S. My son learned from you that he has very natural tendencies to as a closer, joined sales, and is now in the top 3 every week for his entire company."

Phillip Ray- CEO & Owner, Platinum Auto